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PowerStar PM24HL-BS Motorcycle Battery for Harley 66010-82B

$74.77 Reg. Price $99.95   You Save $25.18
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Sealed lead Acid Batteries, No filling, Maintenece Free. Used in many Motorcycle, Snow Mobile , ATV and Watercraft Applications.12V 24AH  L = 8.07 x W = 3.42 H = 6.37, terminals as pictured (Positive - R, Negative - L). Batteries are shipped shipped charged and ready to install. 12 Month Warranty. Our sealed motorcycle batteries feature Absorbed Glass Mat technology (AGM for short). This design dramatically improves a battery's performance in the following areas: A) True sealed and maintenance-free design, you'll never have to check or add electrolyte again, unlike conventional batteries which require periodic fluid checks. B) Liquid-free AGM design, will not leak or corrode on expensive paint and chrome, and also eliminates corrosion around the battery terminals. C) AGM batteries have less internal resistance which allows them to produce more discharge current (cold cranking amperage) vs. comparable conventional "wet" batteries,and AGM batteries also recharge faster D) Better resistance to both heat and vibration, a major cause of failure in conventional motorcycle batteries E) Much slower self-discharge rate, (3% vs.15% per month) means longer periods between battery recharging over periods of non-use, like winter months or vacations. Our sealed motorcycle batteries feature Absorbed Glass Mat technology (AGM for short). This design dramatically improves a battery's performance in the following areas: If you are not sure which battery is right for you - just give usa call at 888-30-POWER. Our service reps can make sure you get the exact battery for your requirements.

Replaces GNB-18L-BS, GS-ZYI-GTX18L-BS, Interstate-YTX24HL-BS, Koyo-YTX24HL-BS, Motocross-M6250H, Sears-44006, Yacht-CTX24HL-BS, Yuasa-YTX24HL-BS, Harley 66010-82B

Fits in the following:

Arctic Cat ATV 650 cc 2006 650 Prowler
Bombardier ATV 650 cc 2005-2002 Quest (Opt..)
Bombardier ATV 500 cc 2005-2002 Traxter, Quest (Opt..)
Ducati Motorcycle 500 cc Sport, GTL, GTV
Ducati Motorcycle 500 cc Twin
Ducati Motorcycle 350 cc Sport, Sport GTV
Ducati Motorcycle 350 cc Twin
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle 1340 cc 1996-1980 FL/FLH Series (Touring)
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle 1340 cc 1997-1980 FLHR Road King
Honda Motorcycle 1500 cc 2000-1988 GL1500 Gold Wing
Honda Motorcycle 1200 cc 1987-1984 GL1200 Gold Wing / GL1200L LTD
Honda Motorcycle 1100 cc 1983-1980 GL1100 Series
Honda Motorcycle 1000 cc 1982 CBX1000 Super Sport (Opt..)
Honda Motorcycle 1000 cc 1979-1975 GL1000 Series
Honda Motorcycle 750 cc 1978-1976 CB750A Hondamatic
Indian Motorcycle 1638 cc 2003-2002 Chief
Kawasaki Motorcycle 1500 cc 1997-1996 1500L, VN1500C Vulcan L
Kawasaki Motorcycle 1500 cc 1998-1987 VN1500A Vulcan , 88 SE, C, L
Kawasaki Motorcycle 1300 cc 1982-1979 KZ1300A, B Touring
Kawasaki Motorcycle 1200 cc 2003-1986 ZG1200 Voyager XII
Motorans Motorcycle 500 cc Twin
Motorans Motorcycle 350 cc Forsa
Munch Motorcycle 1300 cc TTS1300
Suzuki Motorcycle 1400 cc 1988-1986 GV1400GC, D, T Cavalcade
Yamaha Motorcycle 1300 cc 1993-1986 XVZ13 Venture, Royale
Yamaha Motorcycle 1200 cc 1985-1983 XVZ12D, T Venture, Royale
Yamaha Motorcycle 1100 cc 1982 XJ1100 Maxim
Yamaha Motorcycle 1100 cc 1981-1978 XS1100, 1100S, 1100L
Yamaha Motorcycle 1100 cc 1999-1986 XV1100 F, G, H, J, SJ, K, SK
Yamaha Motorcycle 1100 cc 1999-1986 XV1100 Virago
Yamaha Motorcycle 1000 cc 1985-1984 XV1000 Virago
Yamaha Motorcycle 920 cc 1982 XV920 Virago
Yamaha Motorcycle 920 cc 1983 XV920 M Midnight Virago
Yamaha Motorcycle 920 cc 1983-1981 XV920, R Virago
Mtd/Yard Man Riding Mower 700-800 Series (Twin Cyl.)
White Outdoor Riding Mower FST-16
White Outdoor Riding Mower GT-185
White Outdoor Riding Mower GT-205, GT-1000
White Outdoor Riding Mower LT-160, LT-165
Arctic Cat Snowmobile 2001-1991 All Carburetor models 500cc & over
Arctic Cat Snowmobile 2001-1991 All EFI 500cc up with Electric-start
Arctic Cat Snowmobile 2001-1991 All EFI models 500cc and over
Bombardier-Ski Doo Snowmobile Thru 1998 All Models
Bombardier-Ski Doo Snowmobile 2004-2003 All 4-Stroke
Bombardier-Ski Doo Snowmobile 2003-1999 CK3 Types
Kawasaki Snowmobile All Years All Models
Polaris Snowmobile 1990-1989 Indy 500/Classic
Polaris Snowmobile 1999-1984 Indy Trail Deluxe
Polaris Snowmobile 2005-1989 Wide Track
Polaris Snowmobile 1993-1985 All (Electric-start) Kits
Yamaha Snowmobile 700 cc 2004-2002 SXV700ER Viper
Yamaha Snowmobile 700 cc 2004-1998 VT700 Venture 700
Yamaha Snowmobile 700 cc 1998 VX700XTCD Vmax 700 XTC Deluxe
Yamaha Snowmobile 700 cc 2000-1999 VX700DX Vmax 700 Deluxe
Yamaha Snowmobile 700 cc 2002-2001 VX700ER Vmax 700 ER
Yamaha Snowmobile 600 cc 2003-1999 VT600 Venture 600
Yamaha Snowmobile 600 cc 2003-2002 VX600ER Vmax 600 ER
Yamaha Snowmobile 600 cc 2001-1999 VX600DX Vmax 600 Deluxe
Yamaha Snowmobile 540 cc 1980-1979 EC540 EXCEL
Yamaha Snowmobile 500 cc 2001-1999 VX500 All ER & Deluxe
Yamaha Snowmobile 340 cc 1979 ET340 Enticer
Artic Cat Utility Vehicle 650 cc 2006 Prowler 650


                                 PowerStar® Brand Batteries

2 year warranty        100% compatible     Advanced AGM Technology 
                               Sealed – Maintenance Free
PowerStar® Brand batteries are offered Exclusively by BatteryJack Inc.
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