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CP180 Batteries

  • Motorola CS-MTV500TW, NNTN4496AR, NNTN4497A, NNTN4497BR, NNTN4851A, NNTN4851R, NNTN4970AR, NTN4496, NTN4970, FRS-4002A, NNTN4496, NNTN4497AR, NNTN4497CR, NNTN4851AR, NNTN4851_R, NNTN4970, NTN4497, NNTN4496A, NNTN4496_R, NNTN4497, NNTN4497_R, NNTN4851, NNTN4970A, NTN4490, NTN4851, CP040, CP160, CP200, CP380, GP3188, PR400, CP140, CP180, CP340, EP450, GP3688, Radius CP200, CP150, CP200, CP360, GP3138, PM400, NTN4970
    NNTN4496 for MOTOROLA CP200XLS CP140 CP150 CP160 CP200 PR400 EP450
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