Optima 8052-161 BlueTop Dual Purpose Marine Battery

Optima 8052-161 BlueTop Dual Purpose Marine Battery
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 Optima 8052-161 BlueTop Dual Purpose Marine Battery 


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Brand New Optima BlueTop D31M Battery SC31DM 8052-161  GROUP SIZE 31

This is the BEST deep cycle battery Optima makes!  Its BIG...Its TOUGH...It is the BEST!!

Backed by a 24 Month Free Replacement Warranty from Optima.  You can warranty this battery at any optima dealer in your local area.


Optima D31M deep Cycle Marine BAttery

Also Part number 8052-188

OPTIMA Batteries Blue Top offer the clean, reliable, high-power output and deep cycle characteristics that have made OPTIMA batteries famous are available for marine applications. Blue Top Type: D34M / D31M These batteries are dual purpose. They are designed for engine starting and deep cycling applications and for use in boats with large accessory loads.

 Manufacturer: Optima
 Model Number: D31M
 Dimensions: 12.81 x 6.5 x 9.38
Post Type: SAE & Stud
Description: Blue Top Starting & Deep Cycle Battery
CCA @0°F: 900
CA @32°F: 1125
Reserve Capacity: 155
Warranty: 24 Months Free Replacement
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The OPTIMA® is like no other battery found in today's market. OPTIMA's unique Spiralcell design offers the greatest technology in providing a strong and clean power source that far surpasses any of today's filled lead/acid batteries. With OPTIMA under your hood, you can count on a longer lasting battery life under starting and deep cycle applications. Today's power demand from cars, trucks, and SUVs are greater than ever. Over the course of the century we have upgraded and customized our vehicles in such a way never imagined by early engineers. There continue to be more lights, LCD screens, gaming systems, stereos, laptops, and cell phones going into cars, all demanding a greater power source. OPTIMA can provide all the power needed to run these power pulling vehicles. OPTIMA batteries always has safety in mind, with its spill-proof case it helps to ensure the safety of the environment, your family and you. Powerful, 2x longer-life, safety, spill-proof, vibration resistance, multi-position installation whether you're working, driving cross country or for just play, let OPTIMA help you maintain the power demands you require.

Optima 8052-161 BlueTop Dual Purpose Marine Battery
Average rating:
5 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

Optima 8052-161 BlueTop Dual Purpose Marine Battery
Optima D31M
It is too soon to determine the longevity of these batteries, but I have installed 6 of them in my GEM 4 passenger NEV. So far I have determined that my maximum speed is sustained at a much lower voltage than with the previous batteries. These units appear to loose voltage at about the same rate as the previous batteries, but the cart runs 2 to 3 miles faster when the voltage is reduced. Thus far, I am pleased with the product.