Tank Brand Replacement Battery For Ericsson WWH-BKB210 Radio Battery X 2

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 Tank Brand ® is a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Ma-Com BKB210MH, 7.5V, 2500mAH, Ni-MH Battery by Tank Brand TWO WAY

Compatible with the following models:

  • Ericsson Jaguar J-700P
  • Ericsson Jaguar J-700PI
  • Ericsson Jaguar SPD 2000
  • GE Jaguar J-700P
  • GE Jaguar J-700PI
  • GE Jaguar SPD 2000
  • M/A-Com Jaguar J-700P
  • M/A-Com Jaguar J-700PI
  • M/A-Com Jaguar SPD 2000
  • M/A-Com P5100
  • M/A-Com P7100
  • M/A-Com P7200

OEM Part Numbers BKB191210/4, BKB191210/43, BKB191210/5, BKB191210/6, BKB1912103, BKB1912104R5


  • Only use Highest Grade Cells

    All packs meet or exceed OEM QC testing

    Over 95 combined years experience in the rechargeable battery industry

    * Manufacturer Plant is ISO9002 Certified*