Two Way Radio Battery For BLI-23406 Fits GE Ericsson BT-023406-005

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  • Bansheed Brand Two Way products are 100% compatible and meet or exceed OEM Specifications
    Harris P5400, 7.5V, 2500mAH, Li-ION Battery Fits: Harris P5400 series, BT-023406-005 Replacement for P5300,P5400, P5350, P5370, P5450, P7300, P7350, P7370
     Provides excellent discharge characteristics
  • High impact ABS and Polycarbonate plastic polymers for ruggedness.
  • Comprehensive testing including high altitude performance, vibration, mechanical shock, thermal cycling, external short circuit and overcharge test simulations.
  • Guaranteed to maintain 80% of its rated capacity for 18 Months from date of shipment.
his Two Way Radio Battery Also Replaces
  • GE-Ericsson BT-023406-001

  • Harris BT-023406-004

  • Ma-Com-Ericsson BT-023406-001

  • GE-Ericsson BT-023406-004

  • Harris BT-023406-005

  • Ma-Com-Ericsson BT-023406-004

  • Harris BT-023406-001

  • Harris BT-023436-001

This Two Way Radio Battery Also Fits In
  • GE-Ericsson P5300 Battery

  • GE-Ericsson P5400 Battery

  • GE-Ericsson P5500 Battery

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  • Harris P5400 Battery

  • Harris P5500 Battery

  • Harris P7300 Battery

  • Harris XG-25P Battery

  • Ma-Com-Ericsson P5300 Battery

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  • Ma-Com-Ericsson P5500 Battery

  • Ma-Com-Ericsson P7300 Battery

  • Ma-Com-Ericsson XG-25P Battery

  • GE-Ericsson P5350 Battery

  • GE-Ericsson P5450 Battery

  • GE-Ericsson P5550 Battery

  • GE-Ericsson P7350 Battery

  • GE-Ericsson XG-75 Battery

  • Harris P5350 Battery

  • Harris P5450 Battery

  • Harris P5550 Battery

  • Harris P7350 Battery

  • Harris XG-75 Battery

  • Ma-Com-Ericsson P5350 Battery

  • Ma-Com-Ericsson P5450 Battery

  • Ma-Com-Ericsson P5550 Battery

  • Ma-Com-Ericsson P7350 Battery

  • Ma-Com-Ericsson XG-75 Battery

  • GE-Ericsson P5370 Battery

  • GE-Ericsson P5470 Battery

  • GE-Ericsson P5570 Battery

  • GE-Ericsson P7370 Battery

  • GE-Ericsson XG-75P Battery

  • Harris P5370 Battery

  • Harris P5470 Battery

  • Harris P5570 Battery

  • Harris P7370 Battery

  • Harris XG-75P Battery

  • Ma-Com-Ericsson P5370 Battery

  • Ma-Com-Ericsson P5470 Battery

  • Ma-Com-Ericsson P5570 Battery

  • Ma-Com-Ericsson P7370 Battery

  • Ma-Com-Ericsson XG-75P Battery